Fear not, Physician in the house

This blog has been a long time coming. Whether postponed by the vicissitudes of life, delayed by advanced technophobia, or undermined by bone laziness is open to contention. I would say all three have a legitimate case, thrown in with a fluctuating desire to actually record my thoughts, opinions and observations in this fashion. Unfortunately there is only one person to blame, and that is the person to whom your current and impending interlocutor is in the habit of referring via the implementation of the perpindicular pronoun….

Initially, perhaps permanently(!), this blog will be a pure personal labour of love that is an outlet for my writing and thoughts, to hone my style, and to see if it is actually is something I would like to commit to (or build upon in another area). With any luck I will drag some others along for the ride! You just never know …

In my favour is the furious feast of fodder on which to dine that comes out of the sporting world on a regular and cascading basis. So while the prompting for this blog has been the recent stream of NRL breaking stories (it never stops giving, does it?) and will be a key and persistent theme of this non-factional(!) blog, there will be regular breaks in transmission to record observations about selected other sports for which I betray an obsession. Golf and tennis might be examples of these off the top of my head, hockey perhaps not. There may be a data crunch or two, or a set of oblique charts and graphs that speak for themselves. But first, I have to work out how to actually get this done! Plenty of time before 2013 kicks off. Then again, I always felt the same about ‘time’ when exams were approaching.

Above all, it will be a light-hearted, generally convivial, sometimes serious (I think!) endeavour, and this is the spirit in which any readers should approach it. And while I am polite and respectful at heart and will remain so to commentators whether we disagree or not, I look forward to pointing out examples and episodes of obtuseness as they arise, particularly in the NRL world (It never stops giving, does it? … Yes, I know I’ve already said that). Oh, obtuseness reminds me … there may be an odd comment or 3 on the nation’s polity or economic circumstance as well. If it’s only sports that is your bag, baby, then skip ‘em. Easy. But those clowns are givers too … but mostly of misinformation!

For now, I will leave you with the time invariant Rules of Rugby League, which will be expanded upon as I remember them:

1. Rugby league succeeds despite itself.

2. Everyone is forgiven in Rugby League. Everyone. Always. For anything.

Gotta just love it!

In the meantime, give yourself one uppercut, and I’ll see you in the morning. If we survive the 21st, that is.