WADA we learn from the weekend’s footy?

I like Gerard Whately’s observation on the ASADA investigation yesterday.

Paraphrasing: There a 8 ways to breach the drug code, and testing positive is one of them. The ignorance about this subject is reaching a level that is just intolerable.

OK, so it mirrors my own thoughts, but what can I do?

Of course I'm serious ...And my name isn't Shirley.

Of course I’m serious …And my name isn’t Shirley.

Some people still seem to think ASADA’s first name is Eric, and that he was a 1970’s actor of dubious talent.It’s always wise to appreciate that, while we can have our own opinions, we can’t have our own set of facts.

That aside, here are some of the interesting facts/figures/stats on the weekend’s NRL Round 1, in no particular order:

  • Souths played irresistible footy, and showed the Roosters what it takes to be a top 4 team (though Souths are top 2). It will be even more interesting when Izzy joins them next year …
  • If the NRL was serious about concussion, ole Sam Burgess wouldn’t be facing just the 1wk off
  • Michael Jennings has speed to burn, but lacks the ‘draw and pass’ – basics, coach … results will look after themselves
  • Sandor Earl prefers to dispense with the draw … and the pass … must golf with an awful slice. Perhaps Jason Akermanis can help, he plays off 2 …
  • The Broncos, Titans, Sharks and Dragons don’t look like they have a boatload of points in them … Let’s revisit in a few rounds … but if they do find a boatload of points, will Tony Abbott take them away? Ah, all the big questions asked here.
  • The Bulldogs also lacked finishing punch, with their 2 tries coming off mistakes Not surprising given Barba’s level of involvement in the 2012 try-scoring process
  • Dare I use the term, but Manly are just a thoroughbred team, and find the extra gear when they need it (gawd!) … but they will need to improve, just the same
  • Melbourne are freaking amazing, but the standard will be difficult to maintain post-WCC, particularly ‘oop north’ next week
  • The Sharks have an awful lot of heart, but they need Carney to nurse his heel less and run more, or hand the job to someone else while he recuperates. The Bunnies will sympathise with them, but only in the 81st minute …
  • Ivan Cleary’s Panthers couldn’t have been more hungry if they were born there – a stark contrast to the Warriors, his former team, who left their teeth in the jar beside the bed
  • It’s Thurston’s shout …
  • Parramatta and Penrith both had the most Sets in Rd 1 (40) and Metres Gained (1440 & 1462), with Parramatta being the most effective in Metres Gained vs Runs. Phenomenal stuff.
  • The Eels cleaned up on line breaks and tries (7), possibly helped by their halve shouldering just 3% of the defensive workload.

I’ll give the referees a week to warm up, but they could have had a post of their own today.



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