Applying the Form Tracker to the Manly-Tigers clash

It should be easy to separate these teams, shouldn’t it? Manly are clearly the better team. They are big, nasty, aggressive and cut throat. And they have used these attributes to great effect, along with a pulsating attack that has the habit of producing bags of tries within a short space of time.’

The Tigers clearly have the potential to match the Manly attack, but their ‘D’ is nowhere near as effective. It has always been this way, but the fact remains that these two teams have a history of close matches with field goals a recurring feature.

I’ll be tipping Manly tonight, but Blutongue isn’t exactly Brookvale, and they have been beaten by the Tigers on the Central Coast before. So how are they travelling in relative terms so far this year?

The Manly Point Tracker shows how dominant they have been in the last half hour of matches. They don’t die wondering, and they have kept the opposition almost scoreless during that period. So if the Tigers are not ahead at the 50-min mark, it’s goodnight Irene!Manly Point Tracker

The Tigers have the exact opposite problem. While they can continue to score points late in the game, they tend to let in more!

Tigers Point Tracker

Pitting the form of both teams against each other produces the following comparison, suggesting a close call until midway through the 2nd half or thereabouts.Manly-Tigers Points Diff

Manly by 12-15 after coming off a loss last week.

Here are a couple of other noteworthy markers between the 2 teams, highlighting that if Manly are ‘on’, it might be a tough night for the Tigers:Tries Difference

Line Breaks Conceded 1


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