The curious case of the Rabbitohs’ For and Against

The Rabbitohs are a fast, powerful and impressive team. They’ve even showed glimpses of it this year!

Unfortunately they have also allowed themselves to be dragged back to the level of inferior opposition, which is a carry-over from last year.

In a much earlier blog I made the point that this needed to change. The type of 80-minute commitment required to defeat the top teams is a practiced and learned skill, and without practice, they will not be able to unconsciously draw on it for the important matches at the end of the season.

They’re getting better, but they’re also not there, despite last week’s impressive win against Manly. And it shows in their For & Against stats.

At +40, they are far and away the laggards of the Top-4, and a loss or two could see them plummet out of the Top-4, which introduces pressure over and above the normal grind of weekly NRL blockbusters.

Check out the progress of F & A:Accumulated F and A

Being forced to answer questions about having peaked, being pretenders and so on is a burden they don’t need.

I would therefore expect them to more than comfortably account for the Broncos tonight – they need to.

Here is the Form Tracker …Rabbitohs Tracker

What it is saying is that, based on the respective form (For & Against) of the Rabbitohs and Broncos over the first seven rounds, the 2nd placed team with a 6 & 1 record is only a couple of points better than the 6th placed team with a 4 & 3 record.

I would say that’s unacceptable for a team with such credentials, attacking strikpower and lofty goals.

Rabbitohs in a canter tonight out of necessity.



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