The 2013 NRL Season in Charts Pt 2 – Defence and Penalties


Missed Tackle Percent

And here’s one that I devoted an entire blog to many moons ago:Halves tackle Percentage

Work ratio is another metric I like to look at because it’s a measure of how much defensive work a team is being forced to do relative to their opposition. The Bulldogs,  Cowboys, Bunnies and Knights are the standouts in being able to conserve the most energy, while the Sharks and Manly are mid-field.

The Roosters and Storm have, for one reason or another, had to earn their wins the hard way.

Tigers and Eels? Well, they’re almost off the chart!

Work Ratio

One thing that places defences under stress is the amount of errors a team makes, but if you look at the following chart, the only sensible conclusion you can make is that it is important when and where the errors are made, because each team is pretty similar in number:Errors

Looking at the Broncos above and combining their top placing in completions per game, you have to wonder why they were so disappointing this year. The penny drops when you look at the missed tackles percentage above, along with the amount of tries they scored. They were well down the list, average about 3 tries per game, and also had a negative net tries difference (see yesterday’s attack-focused Part 1).


Make of these what you will. The disparity seems to large in some areas (ie. statistically significant).penalties per round

Penalty Ratio

Penalties Difference

Penalty Counts Won


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